Senioritis sets in

As the school year winds down, seniors are becoming more and more anxious about graduation, and are ready to leave the last four years of high school behind.
Four out of five students recall being eager for graduation since the first day of freshman year. Now that the time has finally come, those students are more impatient than ever.
“I was in California for the past three years, and I’ve wanted to graduate since high school since day one. So when I came to this school for senior year, getting out is all I could think about,” senior, Rachel Tucker said.
One student had an overwhelming desire to graduate, so that person decided to put in the work and graduate early.
“I really just didn’t want to be here anymore, and I took classes to get all of the necessary credits to graduate with the bare minimum, so I did. It was very cathartic to leave,” senior, Caitlyn Valdivia said.
On the opposite hand, are seniors who do not want to leave school and consider it a negative turning point in life.
“I’ve spent so much time here that I just don’t know. Leaving it feels like leaving a piece of me behind, and I’m not ready to do that. I want to hold on to the good times before adulthood hits me,” senior, Ashley Chasam said.
Senioritis can be a negatively overwhelming feeling. However, one student has created a coping mechanism to pass the time.
“I pass the time by hanging out with all my friends that I’m going to miss and not thinking about the future but just living in the moment. So I go day by day, and my anxiety stays at bay,” Tucker said.
Senioritis can take over one’s mentality during the last weeks of the school year, so seniors are urged to stay strong and persevere.