Thanksgiving break

Centennial students and faculty enjoyed a Thanksgiving break that lasted from Nov. 23-27.
After a quarter and a half of school having already gone by students were very excited to finally begin Thanksgiving break and be able to relax and not worry about school. For some students, the break was filled with plans and activities, while for others relaxing was the way to go.
“My Thanksgiving break was absolutely amazing! It was very relaxing and very needed,” senior, Mackenzie Hynes said.
During this break, many students used it as an opportunity to go out and visit family or do other special Thanksgiving traditions. However, for some, having a relaxing week at home and spending time with those closest to home is what mattered most.
“I didn’t really do anything extreme, I just had dinner with my family and watched a movie,” Hynes said.
After Thanksgiving, many people spend the next day Black Friday shopping. Many people use this as the perfect time to get great deals on Christmas gifts. However, Black Friday shopping is not something everyone can or has the time to do.
“I did not do anything for Black Friday, I wish I did but I was just busy,” Hynes said.
After a relaxing week away from school most students find it very difficult to come back to school. Students dread the moment when it is time to come back and some students might take a longer break than what is provided.
“It was rough knowing I had to come back, all I really wanted to do was stay home and sleep,” Hynes said.