Prom expectations


Michelle Lopez

Jadynn-Rose Moore ready for prom.

On April 1, Centennial held prom at Canyon Gate Country Club for all juniors and seniors to attend.
Prom has always been an event that many teenagers look forward to. Dressing up and making before-prom plans have always made students excited for their high school years.
“I made plans with my friends to do something before prom. I went to dinner at a Korean barbeque restaurant,” senior, Jadynn-Rose Moore said.
When prom time comes around, and people get to make plans for the day, it can become really interesting and fun for students to participate in. Some people’s favorite part of prom is going to the actual dance, but for others, it’s the plans that happen before or after prom.
“I enjoyed taking pictures because I normally don’t get super dressed up, and it was fun to get to dress up and take pictures,” Moore said.
Many students end up enjoying prom, especially since it is one of the last high school events seniors can participate in. Unfortunately, there are students that don’t enjoy prom as much.
“I had an okay time at prom. I enjoyed dressing up and taking pictures more than the actual prom,” Moore said.
With the expectations that movies and TV shows provide to students, many people assume prom will be a certain way. Those expectations can sometimes disappoint students because those expectations aren’t always upheld.
“I didn’t hate prom, but I was definitely expecting a lot more. I was expecting something almost like High School Musical or what you see in movies,” Moore said.