Bulldogs combat depression


Victoria French

The mental heart series I draw. This is for depression to remind people you are not alone always ask for help.

Bulldogs combat depression
Victoria French
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
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Depression is nothing new and many people go through it, but with the current circumstances, people’s depression is worsening. With the free time people have now, they are finding ways to combat it.
Getting over an episode or mental breakdown, also known as extreme points of depression, can be hard, but there are many ways to get over it. Some people step back and listen to music to gather themselves again.
“I put in my earbuds and listen to soft piano music to take a grasp at reality before completely feeling lost,” senior, Juliauna Gonzales said.
There are also other ways to prevent a breakdown or episode of depression.
“I like to ground myself meaning I take in what is real and I confide in someone who understands and is willing to listen. My sister is my confidant and she helps me by talking or helping me get out and enjoy things,” drawing teacher, Madison Sprenz said.
People can help others prevent depression as well. People do this by boosting someone’s confidence it can be yours or someone else.
“Be productive, do something, learn something,” U.S. Government teacher, Winston Wagner said.
As a whole you cannot prevent depression itself, that would be the prevention of sad or downed emotions and that’s not healthy. If people bottle up emotions they will blow up with all the emotions they are trying to prevent from showing.
“You can’t avoid [or] prevent depression, but I would say don’t surround yourself with toxic people. But with people who make you laugh and smile when it’s most needed,” senior, Sarah Mann said.
Depression isn’t always just sadness. It can be anger, frustration, anxiety, or a feeling of unwantedness or unworthy. Sometimes depression is emptiness.
“When I am feeling depressed it feels more like an emptiness and a lack of motivation. That I’m just going through the motions. The sadness that comes with it is from not being able to do what usually makes me feel happy,” Sprenz said.
The first thing to help with depression is knowing when you are depressed. Some people their heart rate increases and their head is down, but that is not always the case some may feel like crying and can’t, or they cry and can’t stop it varies from person to person.
“You just don’t feel the same,” Mann said.
“[I feel depressed] when I find my will diminishing and find it harder to do what I need to or even things I should do,” Sprenz said.