Students celebrate little victories


Students learn about how little wins affect their daily lives.

Many bad things have been happening in the world and it is a little disheartening to anyone who pays attention. That is why it is important to appreciate the little things in life.
“I think victories are important because it boosts our self- confidence,” sophomore, Jonathan Taylor said.
These victories tend to affect students’ mental health. One positive thing could change a persons’ whole week.
“To maintain emotional well-being, each of us needs to celebrate small successes in our work and personal lives. Smaller successes may have more clout than we give them credit for,” sophomore, April Dolan said.
The term little victories can mean many different things to different students. Maybe it means something good happened to someone today or maybe it means someone got out of bed today.
“Little things that I see as victories are getting good grades, passing my classes, doing good at work, and getting comments from my boss that I did well,” Taylor said.
Small wins may seem meaningless, but they can amount to something much bigger. These small wins can affect those around the student as well as the student themself.
“Little wins can have a major effect on the others around you. You may not feel that these small achievements mean much, but even the smallest boost of confidence in yourself can make the peers around you feel confident and pleased as well,” Dolan said.