Navy program mutates after COVID

Centennial’s Navy Junior Reserve Training Corps, NJROTC, program went through a series of changes due to all classes being moved online.
However, some still believe it to be similar to how it was before Covid-19.
“I’ll be honest, NJROTC online hasn’t been as different as I thought it would be. The cadets still interact with each other as much as we can besides drill and PT (physical training). Our chain of command has been working well to get business done and the cadets interact with the instructors frequently so there’s somewhat of a sense of normalcy during these online times,” junior, Dylan Agbayani said.
As the program itself is still relatively the same, there are still some aspects that were not able to be enjoyed this year.
“The Winter and Military [Ball] dances are definitely something I miss. I also wish I could have participated in the events that create NJROTC’s great camaraderie such as our car washes, community services, and overall day-to-day interactions in PT and inspection,” said Agbayani.
While this year is different than previous years, next year is foreseen to be even more complex.
“I definitely do think next year will be different than previous years. There’s much training to get done and big shoes to fill for staff cadets. Although next year will be a challenge, I am confident Centennial NJROTC will still maintain the title of best in the nation,” said Agbayani.
The hope is that all students will return next year, so NJROTC and other programs alike can go back to doing what they do best.