Centennial admires new Mars rover


On February 18, 2021, NASA’s new Perseverance rover landed after its launch on July 30, 2020. Students at Centennial admire and talk about the new Rover that they will grow to know and love.
NASA scientists, Robert Hogg, Kimberly Maxwell, Jesse Mendoza, and many others contributed to the build of Perseverance. Mars raw and rocky landscape is captured and studied by this incredible rover.
Perseverance was sent to mars as a chance to study life on a foreign planet, water, organics, and methane are some of the many things that this rover studies.
The rover that traveled the solar system has already issued 0ver 60 images of the red planet. Based on studies done by rovers, Mars is thought to have ancient flowing water that has since dried up, as well as a rocky landscape similar to that of Earths moon.
Perseverance is a rather small car sized rover which only allows it to carry so many tools and equipment that allows it to study the planet. Mars has fascinated people worldwide for years because of its many similarities and mysteries we have yet to discover.
When space exploration had just begun, Mars was believed to be identical to the moon, dry and barren with nothing to offer, but as time continues, the red planet has brought up many discovery that lead scientists to believe it has much more to offer.
Mars has peaked the interest of many and that is why perseverance was made, to help cure to curiosity of man.