Students reminisce COVID-free days


Ashanti Perkins

McKnight (third from the left) beams at the 2019 Homecoming football game with no worry of masks or social distancing.

Teens across the country woke to the stark reality that their lives were being put on pause and continued for longer than anyone anticipated. The last day of normalcy for students in Clark County and the rest of Nev. was March 13, 2020. Approaching nearly a year later, students admit that they were unappreciative of certain aspects of pre-lockdown life.
“I took for granted how much freedom I had. I was able to go out and do anything I wanted with my friends, but as soon as COVID hit all that was taken from me. Another thing I took for granted was school. I miss going to an actual classroom and seeing people face to face everyday,” senior, Jose Castillo said.
Many individuals began to realize how simple it was to truly take the smallest occurrences in life for granted.
“I took [life] for granted by not appreciating and realizing the small events are actually big parts of our life,” senior, Jaelynn Villoso said.
“I didn’t really appreciate [what I took for granted]. The freedom, I never really thought about how often I go out and enjoy myself until I couldn’t anymore. [With] school, I always talked down on it and treated it like it was jail, but I honestly miss it and appreciate a classroom and desk more than ever,” Castillo said.
Although sacrifices have been made due to COVID-19, quarantine forced individuals to step back and appreciate the simplest ideas of life.
“I would say that I’ve always appreciated the little things, but COVID has made me realize how much I truly value them. Once everything goes back to normal, I will definitely miss having more than enough time to do the things I value,” sophomore, Miranda Grecco said.
“COVID taught me that everyone is temporary and you’re never going to know when it’s their time,” Villoso said.
Coronavirus has not only made people appreciate life but also become more aware of what goes on around them on a daily basis.
“COVID has made me more aware of life. It’s allowed me to get closer to myself and figure out my opinions, goals, and see the ‘true colors’ of life,” Grecco said.
“It made me realize that things change so fast. In a matter of seconds. One day we were all fine in school, next day we’re out for two weeks, and then 2 more weeks. And then it lasted for the rest of the school year,” Castillo said.
Reminiscing about life before the global pandemic can be bittersweet. COVID-19 and quarantining has taught both negative and positive lessons.
“I miss going to school and just having no worries about the virus anymore. [I miss] just being able to walk mask free and not having to worry about anything,” Castillo said.
Coronavirus has made the city that never sleeps take a nap. COVID-19 has impacted everyone in a different way, and made almost everyone cherish the life they use to live.
“Life before COVID was fun, a little more carefree and definitely fast paced. I was always busy and in a rush, but quarantine really helped me slow down and really focus on the things within me and being in the moment,” Villoso said.