Allegiant Stadium open in Vegas


The Allegiant Stadium, home of the Raiders of the National Football League, officially opened in
Las Vegas on July 31, 2020.
The stadium took a year to build, and the construction cost was 1.9 billion USD. Not only that, but
it took a lot of money to build, and taxpayers played a big part.
“For the cost, I was not in favor of taxpayer funding, but since it’s done, I hope it helps the
city,” Michael Stamcoff said, a teacher at Centennial High School.
While the cost may have been a negative, the stadium itself is still a positive for most,
economically and physically. Once everyone can safely attend the games it
should be worth it.
“I’m a Raiders season ticket holder so I’d like to attend the games or at least make money
selling them on the secondary market,” Stamcoff said.
The stadium is allowing only 2,000 spectators, out of 65,000 seats, to attend the games so far for safety
purposes, but fans are desperately waiting for when it can finally be a full house.
“Once it is safe, I would enjoy seeing a live NFL game because I have been a Raiders fan all my
life,” Eric Haley said, a parent of a Centennial High School student.
Not only are fans excited to attend, but it is imagined to be a different experience attending at
the Allegiant Stadium versus other stadiums.
“Being the new stadium it is one of the most high tech stadiums in the world, I would perceive
it to be a more fan immersive experience,” Haley said.
The stadium is known to be high tech due to the big screens that enable fans to see the game up close.
Hopefully the new Las Vegas stadium will be an entirely new, and fun, experience for
Everyone, and that the Raiders will be able to have a full house as soon as possible.