To be or not to be?

Vaccinations for one and all

COVID-19 has been a thorn in the world’s side since it was first discovered in Wuhan, China.
Now, many people are waiting to get the new virus vaccines that are being administered to the public in hopes of maintaining the illness. However, a lot of skepticism exists around use of the vaccines themselves or some not wanting to get vaccinated in general.

“I am against getting vaccinated due to the many side effects that it comes with,” junior, Christopher Lellos said.
“I am against getting the [COVID-19] vaccine only because I don’t know how it will affect others,” freshman, Giselle Moreno said.
The possibilities of the new vaccine could be endless, but there are some who may have a different outlook on it.
“I am [in favor of] getting vaccinated. I do believe the vaccinations can cause other problems, though, as there are negative side effects to everything. But I believe they’re overall effective and can help our body build an immunity to the virus,” senior, Janessa Gonzalez said.
“I am not against the vaccine. I want to get the vaccine one day to help end the pandemic,” freshman, Emily Gomez said.
There are numerous students who are for or against the vaccine or vaccinations as a whole, but there are some who are in between.
“I am in the middle because you never know what could happen,” freshman, Taylor Beckman said.
In truth, some may take the risk, while others wait it out, but everyone has one thing in common, and that is getting rid of this virus for good.