Managing anger takes on new meaning


Victoria French

Anger affects everyone around you.

Due to social distancing, individuals are experiencing new emotions. Some of the emotions are so new and infuriating, it causes students not to know how to handle these foreign feelings.
There are ways to manage the anger and frustration in a healthy way so people don’t lash out at one another.
Some ways are taking deep breaths, taking a walk, or going to the gym, but that doesn’t always work for everyone.
For some people, they need to talk to someone and let all the built-up anger flow out in words. Call a trusted person and vent all the anger and frustration out.
Venting is talking and letting all emotions out and someone listens and maybe gives some feedback on what to do in that situation for some that really helps but others may need to escape.
Due to Covid-19, places are closed still or need reservations to go, so people can’t go to favorite places. Another thing to do to get out of the toxic environment and out of mind and wonder.
When walking, listen to music that fits the mood and sing with it and let the feelings flow with the words while walking or vent out into the world of what you are angry about.
For a more physical person that has to hit something when angry, go to the gym. Though with Covid-19, they may still be closed or need reservations, but the chances of getting the virus are high in places like this. This is where exercising at home is a better choice.
Someone that is more in their mind and not showing anger still needs to let it out.
Anger will build up, so maybe draw or write it out no one can see it. Still letting the anger flow to the paper, then when finished and still angry, rip it up sometimes that lets everything go and people feel better after.
With everyone being different there many ways to let anger out there are right and wrong ways to go about doing so. Don’t hurt any living thing when angry, that is not a healthy way of letting it out.
If they still don’t know how to let it out, talk to someone. There are places to help with that is what counselors are there for is to help, they can give people resources that can be used.