St. Patrick’s Day festivities commence

March 17 marked St. Patrick’s Day, which may ordinarily seem like the time for leprechauns and the color green.
However, there is more to this holiday than just that. According to, St. Patrick’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, has been around for over a thousand years. The Irish observe this holiday as a Roman Catholic holiday.
Traditionally, Irish families attend church in the morning and then celebrate in the afternoon.
Nevertheless, there is an even deeper history to this annual celebration. explains that the holiday revolves around St. Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland. He died March 17, 461 C.E., and by that time he had established monasteries, churches and schools. After, there were many legends built around him.
This is how St. Patrick’s Day came to be, as an observation of the death of St. Patrick, also according to
Though, some aspects that are more commonly known about this holiday are truly celebrated, such as wearing tones of green.
National Geographic Kids says that sometimes Ireland is referred to as Emerald Isle because of its greenery, but that is not why the color is traditionally green. The color is in comparison to the shamrock, which St. Patrick would use in his teachings.
One of the traditions that are tied to folklore is risking getting pinched by a leprechaun if you don’t wear green. The mystery behind the tradition is that you are supposedly invisible to leprechauns if you wear the color.
There are many mysteries behind this holiday, and while it may not seem like a fancy holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it can be just as important, and just as fun.