Las Vegas caters to prom attire needs


Victoria French

All different prom dresses that are still nice they purple is from a family friend, the red is a dress from Ross, and the pink is from a formal dress shop.

Prom has been set for this year and students have searched for dresses and suits for the big night.
There are many places to get dresses and suits but budgets always have a big part of shopping as prom outfits are not normally cheap.
Amazon and any other websites are good because prices are sometimes reasonable, but the quality or fit is not always the best. shipping was greatly impacted by the pandemic but is slowly improving from the impact.
Thrift stores such as Goodwill, Savers and Salvation Army are a good choice because prices are low and affordable but they will most likely only have one size. They are all different designs and sizes, but people are sometimes lucky and find a prom outfit there.
Swap Meets also sometimes have good prom dresses and suits too, but like thrift stores, size and styles may not always match.
There are also suit and dress rental places that are easy on the wallet and returnable. Though fit and style may not line up with preference like thrift stores and Swap Meets.
Ross, Burlington and other such stores are good affordable places to check too. They have a wide variety of suits and dresses in many sizes, so finding an outfit there is better.
Wedding dress stores are good places to look as they have nice dresses for ladies, but they can be on the more expensive sides.
Tux shops are similar for the men as wedding shops for the ladies. People will find the right style and size for them, but it is more expensive.
Malls have formal attire shops for both men and ladies. They are more likely to have the size and style, but prices could vary from high to low depending on the mall and store.
Ask around to see if family or friends have a dress or suit they are willing to lend. It may not fit or be as nice as many may want, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan.
Then there is always the option of making or upcycling an old suit or dress too. Go to the craft stores and thrift stores to get the materials needed or liked and make it from scratch or restore it.
There are so many options on where to get prom attire, but it all plays off-budget preference and time as to where you purchase the clothing.