CHS rolls out the red carpet

Students welcomed back to campus

The long-awaited day of returning to school finally arrived for seniors and freshmen on March 22.
After over a year of online learning, students were finally able to visualize a somewhat normalized education.
“My first day back was definitely different, but it was still fun. The school was very welcoming at the entrance with the tunnel and red carpet, and the teachers were all nice,” freshman, Brooklyn Boyack said.
Student Council members made their best efforts to welcome new freshmen to Centennial amid COVID restrictions. They set up a red carpet near the entrance as well as the bulldog tunnel.
“The best part of going back was feeling like things were getting to be normal again and seeing everyone,” freshman Kali Haug said.
Many students were ecstatic to finally be reunited with friends who they had not seen in over a year.
“The worst part about going back was definitely wearing masks and social distancing. We weren’t allowed to play sports in P.E. which really sucked, especially because the boys got to play basketball,” Boyack said.
Although there were many things to look forward to, some portions of the school day were rough for students. Different teachers choose to do different things which can affect how students feel about their school day.
“The worst part [of going back to school] is definitely sitting in a classroom for an hour and 45 minutes,” Haug said.
The long lengths of time in each class make it hard for most students to stay entertained during the whole school day. Administrators were required to have the students at school for a certain amount of time, which led to a longer school day.
“I am most excited for school to be completely back to normal and to see all of my friends,” Haug said.
Returning to school will have its ups and downs, but the excitement of going back still excites students.
“I am excited to go back every day normally so that I can meet new people and play sports again,” Boyack said.