Corsets on the rampage

Corsets were a common item in mens and womens wardrobes in the 1800s and 1900s.

"F. C. corset [front]" by Boston Public Library is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Corsets were a common item in men’s and women’s wardrobes in the 1800s and 1900s.

The new corset TikTok trend goes viral when teenagers find out about the effects that come from wearing a corset.
Corsets are garments worn to train the waist to be more petite, though the effects are only semi-permanent. They were first recorded to be worn by Minoan men and women in Greece. They were most popular in the 1840s.
Before X-rays were around many people thought that corsets were not damaging to the body but when X-rays did come around, doctors were far from right.
While corsets seem to help with posture and the thinning of the waist, they can be very harmful to the user’s body. When wearing a corset you are crushing your intestines including; the esophagus, lungs, ribs and more.
Due to this many women would often faint when wearing corsets because of the little oxygen getting through to their brain. When this happens, the people around would untighten the laces and wait for the person to awaken before tightening the laces again.
“I’ve worn them before and they’re pretty but you need to be careful with them because they can cause muscle issues,” sophomore, Arianna Ramirez said.
If someone wears a corset multiple hours a day, every day after the muscles can become fatigued and weakened over time.
Though there is no evidence, there are stories of women who have died due to wearing a corset day and night in the 1800s. One of the stories explains how one of a young lady’s ribs broke and pierced her lung.
There are proper ways to wear a corset though. First of all, make sure to buy the correct size for that body type. The corset might be too tight when putting it on without the laces tied, then that person should not be wearing it.
Second, the corset should sit just below your hip bones. When there is body fat coming out of the bottom then the corset is too small.
Last of all, when tying up the laces make sure to tighten it until it feels snug. There might be resistance then that is too tight and should be loosened immediately.
Even if it works for someone else it might not be best for everybody else’s and that is not anything to be ashamed of. All bodies are different and beautiful in their own way. So while corsets are very pretty and have a very desirable effect on the body it is very important to do research on all of the ways they can affect the body.