Teachers welcome Bulldogs to new and improved Centennial


mohamed hassan

Teachers comfort students who have a rough time returning.


On March 22, Centennial teachers welcomed students back to campus for the first time in over a year. Many different emotions contributed to teachers’ excitement and worries that come with returning to school.
“I was very excited [about students returning to the classroom]! I missed having kids in my classroom so I was thrilled when hybrid was announced. I know the schedule is confusing and messy, but it is worth it to see kids again,” Teaching and Training teacher, Beth Edwards said.
A vast majority of administration were ecstatic to finally see students faces, and hear their voices once again.
“We literally rolled out the red carpet [for incoming students]! We had the tunnel up, cheerleaders cheering, music playing. It was a party! The school was very excited to see our students for the first time, we really tried to create a great first impression,” Edwards said.
Teachers helped contribute to the students’ excitement of returning to school with fun activities planned for those going back.
“The start time is a lot earlier than most students are used to. There are some pretty sleepy kids in the first periods of the day. Adjusting to the new schedule and managing students in the classroom and online took some getting used to,” Edwards said.
The staff and students have worked together to create a safe environment for those in the school. A safe environment means that more students will likely return once given the chance.
“Most of the students were thrilled to be out of their house and in an actual classroom with their teachers It may have been early, but most said it was worth it,” Edwards said.

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