Emotionless tendencies cause emotional discrepancies

Emotionless tendencies cause emotional discrepancies
By: Ashanti Perkins
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Editor in Chief

Men suffer from suppressed emotions.
According to nytimes.com, toxic masculinity is teaching young men that they can’t express emotions openly and that they have to be tough at all times. When a young man starts to communicate his feelings and let his guard down, he is seen as sensitive and feminine.
Many teenage boys have to deal with toxic masculinity from their fellow male friends especially when it comes to relationships. Sometimes males feel the need to act differently when they are out in public with their significant other and friends versus when they are alone with their partner. Sadly, some young men believe that being affectionate or caring towards significant others is feminine-like and shows weakness.
Even aside from relationships, young men feel forced to wear a poker face around their friends to avoid being called soft or emotional.
Within the social media community, there is a slang term called a ‘simp’ which is used to describe someone that does unnecessary actions for another individual’s attention. Users on social media like to call boys that are generally nice to or simply respect women simps.
The constant belittlement that young men receive for expressing their feelings or showing emotions creates difficulties for male individuals later in life.
Men have trouble being empathetic or vulnerable because they were encouraged to keep their emotions and thoughts to themselves.
The bottled emotions that men, or any individual, bury deep down inside them stays buried down to their core. The emotions can manifest into more tasking and harmful problems such as affecting one’s mood or overall well-being.
The stereotype of men needing to be tough at all times is dated and impossible. This unrealistic standard put on men, more specifically teenage boys, is unhealthy and troublesome for all parties involved.
A man can share his feelings and still be strong. More often than not, the strongest men are the most communicative and open.