Technology advancing throughout schools nationwide

By: Christopher Lellos
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs


Earbuds, airpods and headphones are all helping students with learning without the teachers knowing it.
Technology has been getting better and better every single day and people around the world are using technology to their own benefits. Across the United States, schools are trying to use technology to help the students and teachers with the learning process.
People saw a good example of this when students were put in quarantine and had to be put into distance learning for the next school year. Computers were the most important thing that helped students learn, so let’s expand off of using computers and use other forms of technology for learning.
Headphones are another form of technology that could be used to help the students learn if it is used the right way. If a student has one of the earbuds in their ears, then they could be listening to the lecture the teacher is telling them and they could be listening to music to help the students with work in the classroom.
“During class, music helps me deal with stress when working on assignments,” senior, Christian Averill, said when asked about having earbuds in class.
During school, students should be able to have earbuds in class because it is a beneficial tool for the students to learn and do work while in the classroom. The use of earbuds could be bad if they have both buds in the students ears but it only takes a second to take one of them out.
This should be a change that students will enjoy and that teachers can change their minds to see how helpful headphones can be.