COVID-19 cases affecting the smallest school things

By: Finn Green
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff editor

COVID-19 has affected school’s so much over the years 2020-2021. COVID-19 has hurt the school and the whole world. It still is, It affects the little things like who we sit with and where we go. We even have to be tracked to use the bathroom. As well have to be in assigned seats due to it.
Regarding these things, in bathrooms a specific amount of people may go. Due to covid some people have to wait. This isn’t too good because what if there is an emergency. We cant do much about it. We would have to just let them go to the bathroom anyway. If we have assigned seats it isn’t going to track exactly where we are at all times either.
Being in school matters so much. Especially now after not being in school for so long and not socializing. We need to socialize to even survive so doing this is the almost the most we could do. We can’t do much after this, we would all have to go back home and do it all over again, which no one wants. So doing what we are right now is the best. Although tracking seems strange, its a good thing, it makes it easier to see whats happening and where COVID could be. Even Brooks stated, “I trust the medical experts … I understand the fear” It could be in a kid who goes to the bathroom 20 times a month and it spreads everywhere. Now we know where it is and who it spread to.