Cheer season is in session

By: Jadyn Darby
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff writer

Cheer season is here. After a long break away from school caused by COVID-19, cheer season and other activities are back.
This week as Centennial students settle in and let anxiety and awkwardness fade away. Now is a perfect time for students to venture out and try new things, especially considering this year could realistically be stripped away from teens at any moment.
Starting on Wednesday, Sept. 8th, are cheer tryouts, which is the perfect opportunity for students to try something outside their comfort zone. This is a great way to develop social skills since most teens have been hermits for so long.
According to Mrs.Ouellette, varsity cheer coach, the Junior Varsity tryouts will begin Wednesday, Sept. 8th, and end Sept 10. The first day of tryouts will be addressing the cheer that the potential cheer squad will learn for the end of try out performance, the second day addresses a dance the squad will learn. The last and final day of tryouts will be going over jumps, and performing the routine together.
Teens who are interested in cheer but feel intimidated, shouldn’t worry too much.

“It’s JV and Freshman tryouts so it’s not as rigorous as varsity, because varsity needs to already know tumbling and things like that.” said Mrs.Ouellette.
For students who don’t know how to tumble this is a perfect opportunity to try something new.