Bulldog’s new E-hallpass regulations

By: Ivyanna Lockett
Bark! Voice of the bulldogs

Staff Writer

Centennial Bulldogs have officially found a safer and more controlled system, as far as bathroom passes.
However, the passes are completely virtual and cause no physical contact, the passes are created by students on the E-hallpass website and approved by teachers on the same website. The website creates a safe environment for students and allows the administration to have COVID-19 contact tracing.
Overall, the E-hallpass is the new official way that Centennial will conduct hall passes and bathroom passes. The E-hallpass is officially effective on Tuesday, Sept. 14th, students will be required to use the new virtual bathroom pass system.
This is a major reason why students’ chromebooks are essential to everyday school needs because the student E-hallpass are created and approved all through student chromebooks. The E-hallpass system can be found in the clever portal, under the section labeled “more apps.”
The E-hallpass allows students to have a seven minute bathroom break when approved by teachers, if students exceed the seven minutes their E-hallpass will be flagged. When students’ E-hallpass is flogged teachers will have to clear it in order for the pass to be valid again.