Homecoming game salutes bulldogs

By: Emily Johnson
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Editor in Chief

Centennial students cheered on their varsity football team and JROTC unit at their first home game of the season.
As the colors rose and the national anthem played, each cadet in the school’s junior navy program saluted, as everyone else stood with their hands over their hearts.
Traditionally, the national anthem is played at every homecoming game. However, Centennial homecoming games have what is known as a Homecoming Salute. The school’s JROTC program gets together a few hours before the event to practice, and right before the game itself, all cadets march onto the field to salute the nation’s flag during the national anthem.
It takes hard work and dedication to bring everyone together to commemorate the nation’s flag with all eyes watching.
“The Homecoming Salute went very well, and the amount of JROTC participation is impressive and inspiring,” senior, Salome Medina said. She is also known as being the Battalion Executive Officer in the program.
After the national anthem, the game commenced. Centennial would be going against Legacy High School for the win.
After the second quarter ended, halftime officially started, which had everyone beaming with excitement. During halftime, the school’s floats created by students and staff pass by representing each team and club at Centennial. It was a thrilling time for those on every float who got to wave to their fellow students on the bleachers.
“My favorite part of the night was being a part of the homecoming float. I loved the excitement and energy from the crowd. I couldn’t wait to finally be a part of it, since it is exclusively for seniors. Standing there with my friends is a moment I will never forget,” senior, Katherine Vlaming said.
Once the game ended, the score was 9-8. Centennial hung on to one point, but that did not stop students, teachers and parents from cheering wildly due to the victory.
“The game was fun. I’m not much of a football person, but it was incredible to see the crowd’s reactions after all the plays. I got to hang out with my friends too and that was a ton of fun,” Vlaming said.