Centennial’s staff, bus shortage

Centennial’s staff,  bus shortage

By: Emily Gomez and Valentina Medina
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writers

As the new school year started, CCSD has had its ups and downs which have created many problems throughout the valley. From lack of bus drivers to leveling out classes, Centennial has been impacted negatively and needs a change.
Due to the shortage of bus drivers, buses are showing up late to pick up the students. Almost every day, students are getting notifications that their bus will be at least 2 hours late.
Many people have plans after school that require them to get home quickly, and the bus isn’t very reliable.
On Tuesday, Sept. 7th, about half of Centennial’s school buses departing from the school were missing due to the protest of bus drivers refusing to get vaccinated.
Standing in the 100-degree weather, students were instructed to figure out a ride home or wait an hour and 45 minutes for the late bus at 4:00 pm.
“My mom actually had to go pick up a friend of mine whose bus did not come. She had no ride home and would’ve had to sit outside for another 2 hours,” informed sophomore, Madeline Ream.
The bus driver shortage also comes with the Centennial staff shortage. As of this week, there has been a reported 4 support staff and 4 teaching positions that have either resigned or left Centennial.
Due to the staff shortage, some student schedules have been changed to level out the classes.
“My schedule got switched twice because of it, and it’s frustrating as a student because I have to worry more about my grades and how I can be able to make up my work,” freshman, Claire Heywood said.
The students that have been severely affected by leveling classes are those who have chemistry. Former Centennial teacher Dr. Diaz resigned recently, causing the chemistry classes to switch.
“It was complicated because we were given work and they weren’t told what to do or how to do it. Then after we got a new teacher, my chemistry teacher was surprised by how our class had not been taught anything,” sophomore, Emma Anderson said.
This week, the schedule changes have taken place, and hopefully, Centennial can resolve the issues.