End school fighting



Students in a school fighting over something pointless.

By: Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

As students may be aware, there has been an influx of fighting at Centennial recently, and it needs to stop.
Issues should not have to be resolved solely through fighting. Students should be able to talk out their disputes without there being severe consequences from the school.
“The fighting just creates more chaos and solves nothing. At the end of the day, you still won’t like each other so move on. Some people don’t get along. Be mature when you go about it,” junior, Haley Hannah-Dikes said.
The administration has tried to be lenient with students thus far, but the situation has become too big and it is time for action.
¨I think students, teachers, and families have had a really rough go for the last two years. I believe many are having a hard time readjusting back into school and society. I don’t want the punishment to be the only reason these kids stop fighting and misbehaving. That said, students who come to school every day wanting to find a place to fit in and a great school experience deserve the right to feel safe in school,” principal of Centennial, Keith Wipperman said.
Just yesterday, Sept. 22, there was a fight between two young men during the passing period. Bystanders agree that the fight was pointless and that the issue could have been resolved in a different and more friendly manner.
“I was walking out of class and I saw two people fighting but I don’t know what the fight was about. A crowd formed and I left, but from what I saw, I think it was pointless. Like why are you fighting at all when you can just talk instead,” junior, Natalie Diaz said.
Students need to understand that fighting is not the answer. Administrators are doing the best they can to calm the storm, but it does not seem to be working.
“I think that people have just been itching to fight. We were out of school for a year, so all disputes went unchecked which is a cause for action. People might also have pent-up anger from other things going on in their lives, so when someone rubs you the wrong way, all of that anger gets released and a fight breaks out. This doesn’t mean that it’s right, but I think that’s what happens,” junior, Aiyoni King said.