Raiders go from quiet to loud in NFL offseason


Doug Farrar

Former college teammates are reunited to tear up the NFL.

Raiders started off slow at the beginning of free agency but seeing all of their division rivals making big moves, the Raiders stepped up their game.
Just a few days later after seeing the Broncos trade for Russel Wilson who is among the top quarterbacks in the league, the Raiders decided to trade for the best receiver in the league for the past few seasons.
For only a first-round and a second-round pick in the upcoming draft, the Raiders acquired Davonte Adams from the Green Bay Packers. In the last two seasons, he has arguably achieved the right to call himself the best wide receiver in the league by averaging 1,400 yards and 15 touchdowns which is more than any other wide receiver in those categories.
Quarterback Derek Carr was probably the most excited for this move to happen because back in their college years, these two were teammates and dominated the field. If they can have the same synergy now as they did back then, the Raiders’ offense would be flying high.
Another huge player that the Raiders got was the edge rusher, Chandler Jones. During this past season, he was able to get a total of 5 sacks in one game. Other than that he had a slightly above average year.
This was a great signing because the Raiders’ current edge rusher Maxx Crosby will be attracting a lot of attention in the next season which will lead to opposing offensive lines setting a double team on him. This would leave other players on our d-line like Chandler Jones who has all the skills to beat a singular o-lineman and sack the quarterback.
Other than those two, they have gotten other players for depth and will continue to try and fill out positions they need like a right tackle, linebacker, safety, and defensive tackle.