Football team ponders downfall


Aiyoni King

Centennial Bulldogs prepare to lose the final game of the season.

By: Jadyn Johnson-Bowles and Kayla Bogart
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writers

The Varsity Football team has been in a downward spiral since its first game in Aug., but the cause is unknown.
Centennial is not notoriously known for its football team, but the team has never been on a losing streak as bad as this. Parents who attend the games do not understand what the problem is.
“I remember two years ago when our football team made it to state. I don’t think they will be able to do that again with how bad they are playing this year. Maybe they just don’t have the right headspace. I think before they even get on the field they are in the mindset of losing,” parent of junior, Haley Hannah Dikes said.
The team also had a change in coaches which may have played a factor in the team not performing well.
“When we had the other coach, we might have lost some games, but it was never as bad as this. I appreciate this new coach ‘cause without him you know we probably wouldn’t be able to have a team, but the dedication to me isn’t there,” Dikes said.
Injuries are a common occurrence in sports of any kind, so it is no wonder that the players have injuries, but athletes continue to play with injuries which only makes things worse.
“My friend had broken ribs, and a broken arm, and who knows what else, but he refused to see a doctor because the team needed him to play. He only got more injured and now that he finally saw a doctor he isn’t allowed to play. I understand that our team needs all the help it can get, but making injured players continue to play and hurt themselves is not worth it, especially if we continue to lose anyway,” junior, Aiyoni King said.
Ever since COVID-19, it seems like the energy of everyone in the audience has not been so ecstatic based on the football games.
“I haven’t been able to actually enjoy one of our football games since after the first home game. Our team has potential and hope but they aren’t showing it and sitting in the bleachers while trying to motivate the team and it’s not working can be tough on us. It sucks that we’re doing bad this year but I believe it’s because of covid since school is just now getting back to normal after missing a whole school year,” junior, Payton Butler said.
All in all, the performance of the football team for this year hasn’t been too much of a good one and coming from the perspectives of a couple of students, the team could have done better in this league.