Traveling for dummies


Amanda Bream

While traveling it is important to stay safe during strange road conditions such as snow.

By: Amanda Bream
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs

Students have been disappearing from class more and more since now is the prime time to travel.
The weather has dropped tremendously since the start of Oct. In the summer, it was too hot to travel comfortably so now that the weather has cooled, many people are traveling. There are many people who do not travel regularly though.
There are many ways to travel but here are some common ways to do it.
First: Set a budget. If one sets a budget ahead of time then it makes it easier to figure out what someone can and cannot do while on the trip. This may seem like a party pooper move but this helps save money in the long run and everyone will still be able to have fun.
Second: Plan ahead. Planning ahead is one of the most important aspects of traveling. By planning ahead, one can make sure to be able to do multiple things while traveling without running out of time to do it. While traveling on a whim is fun as well, planning ahead can also help save money.
Lastly: Pack as little as possible. One may want to pack all of the clothes available to make multiple outfits but everyone knows that lugging around that much stuff is not fun. Especially if one is flying. There is a weight limit when flying and when someone goes over the limit, one must pay the extra fee. Packing as little as possible also makes sure that one can bring goodies back from the trip without going over the limit or having to worry about where to put them.
Traveling should always be fun so try not to overthink it too much but make sure to travel safely.