Flag football was on a winning streak


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Two women go head to head to catch the football.

Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Copy Editor

Centennial’s Varsity Flag Football team has been on a winning streak, having won the last five games.
Flag football is a rough game that the girls of the Centennial team do not take lightly. The players put heart and soul into everything and crave the accomplishment of a win.
“See, our team goes hard every game, and people don’t realize how serious it gets. We want to win and need to win because defeat is not in our vocabulary,” junior, Darrah Simon said.
Not only does the team go the distance to win, but also sustains some major injuries as a part of it.
“We’ve had girls that play with broken fingers and messed up legs. I have had my knee messed up and I’ve been on crutches. Girls have gotten concussions and so many other things,” junior, Imoni Kulp Otis said.
Players are constantly ridiculed and told that the sport is not dangerous or that it is easier than regular American football, but the girls aim to abolish that way of thinking.
“People assume that because we don’t have helmets or padding that it means that our sport is not as rough or difficult but that is a lie. Girls are tough. The fact that we don’t have helmets or anything goes to show that we are not afraid of getting hurt,” Simon said.
For many, this sport is not a simple afterschool activity, but a lifestyle and career choice that some want to do in college.
“This is what I don’t think people get. Like we take this game seriously and we try to get scouts out so that we can be seen. Many of us want to continue playing in college and are determined to get a scholarship for it. This isn’t just a hobby,” senior, Rachel Tucker said.
Flag football is a serious sport that is beginning to get its rightful recognition, and the girls of the Varsity Flag Football do not take the game or the thought of winning lightly.