Importance of self-love

Importance of self-love
By: Amanda Bream
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs

As couples celebrate Valentine’s day together, those without a partner practice self-love.
Many people hear this a lot and may be tired of it, but self-love is important if someone is going to love someone else.
During Valentine’s Day, many people feel alone and hate the holiday. This is due to the fact that those people may not have someone to celebrate with.
However, the person someone celebrates with does not have to be a romantic interest. People can celebrate with friends, family, pets, and even themselves.
Take Valentine’s day to celebrate friendships and family instead of a significant other. Maybe go on a date with friends and grab dinner and a movie.
There are many things to do that do not involve a romantic interest. Things that can help make other relationships stronger.
On the other hand, some people enjoy spending time by themselves. Some people reserve Valentine’s day for themselves. Some people enjoy staying in and watching a movie without anyone else.
Others like to go out to brunch or a bookstore by themselves. The importance of self-love is knowing when to treat yourself. Self-love is not spoiling yourself all of the time. Self-love is realizing that spending time without anyone and enjoying the quiet is important or shutting out work for the day because it is needed.
Self-love comes in many forms and should be practiced more. Self-love may seem like a little thing compared to what is going on in life but it is important to take the time to take care of the body, soul, and mind as self-care does.