Women’s history month

By: Madeleine Hare
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff writer

Every year March is designated Women’s history month, where we set the month to honor women’s contributions to America.

Since the 1980s women’s history month was pushed out for equality and access to hobs, and education and many more demands. Women have always been part of history. We use this month to honor each generation of women and girls who have built the generation. Women have built and shaped a lot of girls’ characters as a whole. Lots of girls struggle to fit in but with this month a lot is shown to women and how amazing they can be.

Ways to celebrate women’s history month are listening to podcasts, reading books by female authors, getting to know women in politics, brush up on current issues with women and take action, celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Support a Women’s Nonprofit organization.

There are so many ways to celebrate this month. “Women’s history month is important to me because it has shown how far we have come in the past generations and shows we can prove to everyone how strong women can be when we come together” sophomore Sierra Brewster said.

Women have fought for rights for so long and now girls and women in this generation finally get it in this day and age; there are so many women out there who worked so hard for equal rights, and girls in this generation are following along with that legacy, making this generation amazing and showing how strong women can be.