Behind the scenes of Bulldog Broadcast



The front of Centennial High School where much of the Broadcast is filmed.

Students ponder whether or not to join the Bulldog Broadcast.
There is a lot of work that goes into the school news broadcast. Finding out correct information, filming, working with others, and having the personality to be on camera can be a lot of work.
“I would say the success of teaching the class is that I’m teaching a real-life skill, and students can make money with parental consent. It’s a smart idea to take the class. The weakness is that the class is very large, the largest class I have is about 40 kids, with only 25 computers and 5 cameras that I let the higher class use,” teacher at Centennial, Victoria Pomo said.
While it is good to hear from a teacher’s perspective, hearing from a student that actually takes the class is good as well.
“We have deadlines, a 45-hour deadline for the news and a fashion one each week. The hardest part is finding the people to participate in it and my favorite part is getting everyone together and actually shooting it. This is something I’d want to do in the future,” junior, Brandon Reyes said.
Video productions is a good elective for students to take to strengthen creativity skills.