Christmas decorating begins



Many have already started decorating for Christmas.

By: Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Copy Editor

Christmas is a joyful time when spirits are high and family comes to town, but there is always a discussion about when is the correct time to start putting up decorations.
The months from Oct. to Dec. are full of putting up and taking down decorations, but people’s main concern is when to start putting up Christmas decorations.
“You can go into any store a day before Halloween and the day after and you can see the whole vibe shift from spooky season to a holly jolly Christmas. I think that the perfect time to start celebrating and decorating is dependent on the person,” junior, Haley Hannah-Dikes said.
Personal opinion generally fuels the ideas for when to start putting up decorations, but brand advertisements may also play a part in the discussion.
“I think brands try to advertise Christmas to you early to make you get into the spirit and want to start decorating. They also will try to market it as a good time to get decorations because they are not completely jacking prices, but if everyone is going for the same items at the same time, then the stores will start to raise prices because they can then market the decorations as a hot commodity. During the Oct. to Dec. section of the year, brands understand that they have a golden opportunity to boost sales and they use that to their advantage,” junior, Natalie Diaz said.
Some argue that Thanksgiving is not an important holiday and that since it is not, Christmas decorations should start after Halloween.
“You can’t exactly decorate for Thanksgiving you know. Like you can put some leaves and pinecones around I guess but is there any real point to that. With Christmas, you can get pillows and start getting ornaments to fit a theme or pull-out stockings. Christmas is where all the fun is, so why would you torture yourself by having to wait for another month to start decorating,” junior, Jasmine Williams said.
Others argue that the correct time to start celebrating Christmas is after Thanksgiving when Dec. has started.
“Christmas is in Dec., so, therefore, you should start decorating in Dec. when everyone is more in the mood and having trees and playing Mariah Carey’s Christmas album isn’t considered obnoxious,” junior, Sophie Isom said.
Christmas is a joyous time for many, but the question of when to start decorating and celebrating will always remain.