Upcoming events in 2022

By: Elizabeth Merrill
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

The year 2021 is behind everyone now and the new year is full of possibilities. The Chinese New Year 2022 is Feb. 1st and the Year of the Tiger. 2022 is the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture as well as the International Year of Glass.
The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China. The first time Beijing has ever hosted both the summer and winter olympics. The 26 venues for the sports will be run on renewable energy. Other upcoming sporting events include the Super Bowl on Feb. 6th, the U.S. Gymnastics Championships from June 21-26, the NBA Finals from Abr 16- June 19, and the Tor de France from July 1-July 24.
The Grand Egyptian Museum was postponed due to COVID-19 and is now scheduled to open this year and will be the largest archeological museum in the world. Jeddah Tower was also postponed as well and will be completed this year as the largest building in the world.
Egypt will be celebrating 100 years of independence from the Uk and India and Pakistan will be celebrating 75 years of independence.
Three Supermoons will occur in 2022 on June 14, July 13, and Aug. 12. Partial Solar Eclipses will occur on Abr 30 and Oct 25 with Total Lunar Eclipses on May 16 and Nov. 8. There will be 11 meteor showers is 2022 and the Perihelion will occur about two weeks after the winter solstice.