Conspiracies encompass wide ranging ideas


Conspiracy theories are everywhere being big or small.

With each year brings new conspiracy theories and 2020 and 2021 holds no exceptions.
With a new virus like COVID-19, there are conspiracy theories stating that the government released it to control population numbers. Also some said that it was all fake but we all know it is real now.
Conspiracy theories are now running rampant about the COVID-19 vaccine. Some say the vaccine is fake. Some people think by getting the vaccine, they are having a microchip inserted. Some claim that people are dying from the vaccine mainly because a nurse died from it that was never confirmed.
People wearing masks are not getting enough oxygen was a big conspiracy when everyone started wearing masks.
Then, the monoliths that appeared all over the world back beginning in November of 2020 caused another flurry of stories. The theories were the monolith was made by aliens. This was later debunked as someone made it then left it.
The 2020 elections were rigged; this is a common conspiracy with elections and people not getting what they want.
Another conspiracy claims that 2020 is a simulation and the world really ended in 2019 while others claim it ended back in 2012. The simulation theory has a large following of people who believe it true for myriad reasons.
The Simpsons tv show even has many conspiracy theories associated with its seeming ability to predict the future in some episodes like the one in which Donald Trump became president, which we all know did indeed happen. The latest theory that has come up is that Trump will die in 2021.
Conspiracy theories run rampant. One is always popping up. Some may come true or just fade with time.