Students shoot for stars

As the school year comes to an end, seniors have to plan for what their futures as young adults will look like.
After a tumultuous year of surprises and shocks, all that graduating students can control is their dreams beyond high school. Post-high school life comes in many shapes and sizes, and no two students will follow the same path.
“I know that ultimately I want to help people,” senior, Sienna Tobler said. “I want to enter the medical field because I believe that is the best way I can help.”
Some students have a straight and clear path ahead of them, but some are unsure of what their future will bring. Even with meticulous planning, no one can be sure of what their future holds.
“I know I plan to attend college in southern California, and even though I am still waiting to hear back from some schools, I’m confident that my future lies there,” senior, Cole Freer said.
“Next year, I want to stay close to home and attend CSN, but after I hope to transfer to UCLA or NYU,” Tobler said.
Many teenagers have a common goal of wanting to change the world, some in small ways, and some in much bigger ways. These big dreams are a defining feature of this youthful generation, and this mindset will mold the future.
“I plan to attend law school, but the end goal is to run for elected office,” Freer said. “I want to be able to incite change at a policy-making level, and the clearest path to do so is through politics.”
The future is bright and full of possibilities, and the senior class is eager to get out into the world and conquer it. Go-getter attitudes and thirsts for success will guide the students of Centennial to the dreams they hold on to.
“I’m excited to see what my future has in store for me. I know it’ll be good,” Tobler said.