Passing periods are too short

Passing periods are too short
By: Valentina Medina
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Copy Editor

Students struggle to get to class in time especially if they need to use the restroom.
After the first week of school, tardies went into full effect and students got punished for being late to too many classes.
The campus at Centennial High School is large, and consists of two stories, resulting in classes being far apart from each other.
Currently, students are given a five-minute break between each class, but that is barely enough time. It may be enough for some students to get to class, but it can be a struggle for others who walk a far distance.
Some students who abuse the five minutes and use it to hang out with friends/wander the halls slowly, but others are serious about it and still get to class late.
Teachers are strict about students going to the restroom because they’re trying to teach, so it makes sense to use the restroom in between classes. However, the short amount of time makes it difficult for students to do that and get to class on time.
Students should not be punished for being tardy for even just a minute because they were in the restroom.
To resolve this occurring issue, the school should increase the time between each class from five minutes to at least seven minutes. Adding two extra minutes to the passing periods would allow students to get across the campus and use the restroom/go to their locker if needed.