Euphoria brings up concerns

By: Peyton McKinnon
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Copy editor

Euphoria is the new show on the rave and is very popular with teenagers, and young adults.
However, there have been many concerns about the appropriate aspect of the show.
The show is set in high school involving juniors and seniors. Stars Zendaya who plays a drug addict who goes through the struggles of high school drama while juggling the weight of being an addict.
Euphoria always shows the issues of abusive relationships, LGBTQ, and even body image issues. The show has intense scenes with a heavy amount of drugs, sex and alcohol.
The show is in fact an 18+ show and it is not meant for young children but people wonder if it is relatable to high school students considering the actors are playing high school students. Parents complain that it sets high expectations and unrealistic activities that high school students endure.
The show is not necessarily about high school, but more about the problems many face behind closed doors. Drugs, body issues, abusive relationships and mental health are real problems that affect students.
“Euphoria is too real and isn’t a good show to broadcast on television,” anonymous, Reddit user said.
This series really does show the dark side of the situations that these students face. Yes, it might be on the extreme side but it does help people open up about experiences involving these same things.
Euphoria is a great show and shows the backstories of how the characters got to where they are now. The show really involves every bit of detail and the mistakes people make along the way when getting tangled in these problems.