Summer Break around corner


Madeleine Hare

Students enjoy a hot, sunny day.

Summer break is quickly approaching and students are planning what trips, vacations, activities and more that will be happening during summer break.
Summer break starts May 25th. Many students are very excited about summer break considering the very long and busy school year. Summer break is two months long and with that time people like to go on vacations to get away or like to sit and chill at home or take a break.
“I can’t wait for summer, school has been very hard these last few weeks and I’m just ready for it to be over and done with,” sophomore, Luis Castro said.
Some really fun things to do during summer are things like a vacation to California or taking a road trip, camping with friends, having a fun sleepover, going to the park or beach, going on a hike, running through sprinklers, hanging out with friends, and so much more. There are so many things people can do during summer to have fun and make so many unforgettable memories.
“I plan to do so many fun things with my family and friends, I wanna make this summer the best one yet,” sophomore, Heidy Ojedas said.
With school coming to an end, summer plans are becoming a huge thought in people’s minds. People are getting ready for that and finishing up the last few weeks of school. Students are preparing for exams and getting ready to have an extremely fun break.
“Can’t wait for school and exams to be done, summer is going to be absolutely amazing,” sophomore, Sierra Brewster said.