Students prepare for grad walk



An academic award gets presented to each student of the month.

Grad walk, an event where seniors will walk the halls in their robes, will be held on Thursday, May 19th along with many other senior activities that day.
When arriving at school seniors must report to their first-period class where further information will be provided.
Grad walk is a special moment dedicated to the graduating students. All graduating seniors will be given the opportunity to walk through all the halls one last time and share a moment with the teachers and fellow underclassmen.
This is a great opportunity for seniors to have a special moment with all of the current teachers, friends and family. Grad walk is also meant for family members who cannot go to graduation, this way those members can still see the student’s walk-in robes.
There will be more events held to celebrate the graduating class that is currently to be announced.
If there are any further special questions about the day, seniors can contact the school counselors for further or unspecified information.