New year, new movies

By: Marissa Murphy
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

Starting off the new year of 2022, many new movies that people have been looking forward to have come out.
One new movie that came out in Jan. was a movie called Scream. There have been many movies in this franchise and some people went to see this one because of that, while others were just curious.
“I went to Scream because I saw the older ones and liked them and wanted to see what the new one was about,” junior, Khalil Mc Ewan said.
Due to the new movie being a part of the Scream franchise it can be hard for the new movies to live up to the original. Sometimes when there are more movies the new ones can be bad, but in some cases, the movies can be good.
“I think this one was as good as the first one and better than the others. It was less cheesy and had better acting than the sequels,” Mc Ewan said.
When people watch movies it is easy to notice things that the person would wish were different. Sometimes movies can have a bad storyline or character that people wish would change so that way the movie would be better.
“The movie was kind of predictable and easy to figure out who the killer was before the end,” Mc Ewan said.
After watching a new movie people think about whether it was good or bad. People also think about recommending it or not to people who want something to watch.
“I would recommend it because it was entertaining and not dumb,” Mc Ewan said.